Bac Ninh plans to develop dozens of waterway ports
Bac Ninh plans to develop dozens of waterway ports

According to the Bac Ninh provincial Plan in 2021 - 2030, with a vision to 2050, just approved by the Prime Minister, the locality is oriented to focus on renovating and upgrading, in combination with developing and building, a modern transportation network which will act as a bridge and a driving force for the development of industrial parks, industrial clusters, urban areas, service - trade and logistics centers towards green growth.

In particular, the province will develop diverse types of transport, with connection among modes of transport (waterway, road, railway and air).

Bac Ninh will plan to develop 9 waterways, along with dozens of inland waterway ports along the Duong River, Cau River and Thai Binh River.

In particular, for inland waterways, in addition to 4 waterways managed by the Central Government, 3 routes will be planned to be managed locally.

The development of inland waterway ports and wharves is consistent with inland waterway infrastructure planning.

For inland water ports, Bac Ninh plans to develop 15 ports on the Duong River , 6 ports on Cau River and 4 ports on Thai Binh River.

In addition to ports serving transportation and circulation of goods, a number of ports are oriented towards comprehensive planning to serve tourism needs such as Tri Phuong Port, Ho Port, and Tri Lang 1 and 2 ports.

For inland waterway wharves, 8 wharves will be developed on Duong River, including Phat Tich Wharf in Tien Du district; Kinh Duong Vuong Wharf in Thuan Thanh town; and Le Van Thinh, Le Chi Vien, Dai Bi, Cao Lo Vuong, Nguyet Ban and Tam Phu Temple wharfs in Gia Binh district./.