Viet Nam increases in importance in world investors' eyes: HSBC- Ảnh 1.
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Head of Investments for Southeast Asia and India, HSBC Global Private Banking and Wealth Management, James Cheo, emphasized that Asia remains a significant driving force for global growth, bringing many investment opportunities and portfolio diversification to international investors.

Here, ASEAN and India are emerging as new growth fronts thanks to their young populations and expanding middle-class consumers.

With ASEAN, Mr. James Cheo believes that this region will bring one of Asia's most exciting growth stories thanks to the growing middle class and the opportunity to benefit from diversifying global supply chains.

Experts from HSBC assess that with a population of more than 680 million people, ASEAN's middle class is ready to become one of the world's most significant economic engines in the next decade.

Viet Nam, a booming economy fueled by foreign direct investment (FDI) and manufacturing capacity, is poised to become one of the fastest-growing economies in the region in the coming years.

Favorable demographic characteristics, substantial infrastructure investment, high trade openness and the ability to attract FDI will continue to drive growth for Vietnam.

As stock market reform continues to progress, Viet Nam will increase in importance in the eyes of investors worldwide.

Implementing the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) will also help increase trade integration and promote regional investment./.