Two-month exports of agro-forestry-aquatic products up over 50%- Ảnh 1.

In the period, the export value of main agricultural products hit US$5.18 billion, up 55.7 percent; that of main forestry products reached nearly US$2.9 billion, up 59.7 per cent; and aquatic products nearly US$1.37 billion, up 28.9 percent.

Key farm products reporting high export value were timber (US$1.68 billion, up 59 percent), coffee (US$1.38 billion, up 85 percent), vegetables (US$970 million, up 72.8 percent), rice (US$708 million, up 49.8 percent), cashew (US$595 million, up 68.2 percent), and shrimps (US$403 million, up 20.5 percent).

Regarding export markets, Asia took the lead with US$4.55 billion, up 43 percent; followed by America US$2.31 billion, up 74,2 percent; Europe US$1.28 billion, up 52.6 percent, Oceania US$135 million, up 48.8 percent and Africa US$129 million, up 60.4 percent.

The U.S., China and Japan remained the biggest importers of Viet Nam's farm produce, making up 21.5 percent, 21 percent and 7.2 percent, respectively./.