Airfare ceiling price goes up from March 1- Ảnh 1.
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Illustration photoSpecifically, routes covering less than 500 kilometers will have a price cap of VND1,600,000 (US$68) per ticket for socio-economic development routes.

For longer routes, ticket price increases will vary between VND50,000 and VND250,000 per ticket depending on the length of each route.

Flight routes ranging from 500 kilometers to less than 850 kilometers will have a ceiling price of VND2,250,000 (US$95) per ticket while those from 850 kilometers to less than 1,000 kilometers will be capped at VND2,890,000 (US$122) per ticket.

The highest prices for flights from 1,000 kilometers to less than 1,280 kilometers and those from 1,280 kilometers and above will be set at VND3,400,000 (US$143) and VND4,000,000 (US$168) per ticket, respectively.

The maximum prices do not include VAT or other fees for the airport.

The MoT said the adjustments to domestic airfare price ceilings were due to changes to factors that make up a ticket's price, especially rising fuel prices and exchange rates./.