Praise 10 businesses for actively participating in voluntary compliance with customs laws
Praise 10 businesses for actively participating in voluntary compliance with customs laws

Create a shift in awareness

From 2022, the General Department of Customs has issued a decision on implementing the Program to support and encourage businesses to voluntarily comply with customs laws.

In 2023, the program has been promoted at local customs departments with a series of memoranda of understanding signed between customs authorities and businesses. This is a practical activity, which few management agencies has ever done.

10 praised businesses include:

3A Nutrition Vietnam Company Limited;

Thai Tan Trading and Transport Company Limited;

Phong Phu International Joint Stock Company;

28 Da Nang Joint Stock Company;

Frit Hue Joint Stock Company;

KRAFT VINA Paper Company Limited;

Zongshen Vietnam Engine Manufacturing Company Limited;

Vietnam United Science and Technology Company Limited;

Uti Vina Company Limited;

Nippon Express LLC (Vietnam).

With practical benefits, the program has attracted the attention of the business community, contributing to a change in businesses' awareness of legal compliance.

According to Deputy Director General of the General Department of Customs Hoang Viet Cuong, in the coming time, the customs agency will consider expanding subjects to attract a large number of businesses to participate and enjoy the benefits of the policy.

"We set a goal that after 2 years of implementation, 100% of businesses participating in the program will not be handled for violations of customs law, and will be assessed for legal compliance at level 2 (high compliance with customs laws), level 3 (medium compliance). After 5 years of implementing the program, through support activities and voluntary compliance of businesses, strive to increase the rate of businesses with level 2, level 3 of compliance reaches over 20% of the total number of import-export enterprises" - Mr. Cuong said.

70/213 participating businesses were upgraded

Latest statistics show that the results of implementation in phase 1 include 213 businesses participating in the program at 35 provincial and city customs departments. Implementing the program brings benefits to both customs authorities and businesses.

For the customs agency, a 3-level apparatus has been established from the general department - customs department - customs branch with a specialized staff of 123 officers to monitor and assist businesses participating in the Pilot Program. Support and encourage businesses to voluntarily comply with customs laws. More than 153 recommendations and problems of this group of businesses were guided and answered, reaching a rate of 100%.

Director of the Risk Management Department Nguyen Nhat Kha said that through the first phase of implementation, more than 70 businesses out of 213 participating in the program have been upgraded in compliance levels (from levels 3 and 4 to level 2).

Businesses also need to raise awareness and voluntarily comply with laws in general and customs laws in particular to become a culture of compliance with customs laws as mentioned at this year's forum

In particular, businesses participating in the program enjoy practical benefits in reducing inspection rates, supporting convenient customs procedures, and proactively preventing violations during export and import activities.

From the perspective of participating businesses, Mr. Ratchapol Thanawarith - representative of KRAFT VINA Paper Co., Ltd., affirmed that after becoming a member of the program, businesses have enjoyed many benefits that are different from other regular businesses.

KRAFT VINA's legal compliance results have improved from medium compliance to high compliance after participating in the program. Seeing such benefits, businesses will enhance their obligation to comply with the law by closely coordinating with customs authorities to assess the current situation and clearly point out the factors and causes affecting the level of compliance. compliance, from which there are specific plans to gradually improve and raise compliance levels.

Also according to the representative of KRAFT VINA, it is very necessary to deploy propaganda activities and explain to import-export businesses the purpose, meaning and benefits of participating in the program./.