Vietnam realises ASEAN power grid initiative
Vietnam realises ASEAN power grid initiative

This hydropower project costing nearly 540 million USD has a capacity of 322 MW. Construction began in March 2011.

All turbines have been put into operation, with annual power generation estimated at over 1.2 billion kWh a year. This is sold to Vietnam through a 230 kV power transmission line.

The export of electricity to Vietnam is considered a good start, as it not only contributes to promoting the electricity trade between Vietnam and Laos but also to realising the ASEAN power grid initiative.

In particular, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore have successfully negotiated sales, and Laos has been selling 100 MW of electricity to Singapore since last June through the power transmission networks of Thailand and Malaysia.

Building a common power grid network in ASEAN will bring significant economic efficiency, especially in ensuring energy security in each country.

ASEAN countries need to quickly develop a common standard for power transmission as well as a uniform tax rate on buying and selling electricity across borders./.