Vietnamese orange cake named as one of best fried foods around the world
Orange cake, a delicious food in Viet Nam - Photo: CNN

Though the name translates to "orange cake," there's no orange flavor in these deep-fried rice balls.

These southern Vietnamese sweets are named for their visual resemblance to an orange.

Made with tender glutinous rice flour and filled with mung bean paste, the balls are then rolled in sesame seeds and fried.

Banh ran is a similar variation found in northern Viet Nam that is drizzled with sugar syrup and has a slightly hollow interior for the filling.

Besides orange cake, the list also comprises tempura (Japan), hushpuppies (U.S. South), Churros (Spain, Portugal and Latin America), Beignets (Louisiana), Mandazi (East Africa), Jalebi (India), Zucchini flowers (Italy), Cronut (United States), Fry bread (Native Americans in the U.S.), Fried green tomatoes (United States).

It also covers French fries (Belgium and France), Pakora (India), Tostones (Caribbean and Latin America), Arancini (Italy), Fofos de arroz (Mozambique), Chiko rolls (Australia), Onion bhajis (India), Scotch eggs (United Kingdom), Fried calamari (Italy and Greece), Fried chicken (Korean and American), Fried clams (New England), Kibbeh (Middle East), Leche frita (Spain), Prawn toast (Hong Kong), Deep-fried Mars bar (United Kingdom), Fried pizza (Italy), Chimichangas (Southwest US), Chicharrons (Spain, Latin America and the Philippines).