Highly valuing Dell’s operations in Vietnam over the past years, Ha asked the firm to continue working to raise the rate of locally made components in its products, as well as the value of contributions by Vietnamese businesses and human resources to its investment ecosystem and global development strategy, through technology transfer, research and development, and chip and semiconductor design.

Deputy PM calls for Dell’s participation in digital transformation in Vietnam
Deputy PM calls for Dell’s participation in digital transformation in Vietnam

He urged the company to share with Vietnamese ministries, sectors, and partners expertise and knowledge to help perfect the logistics system organisation and governance methodology to ensure smooth supply chain connectivity and operations.

The Deputy PM also voiced his hope that Dell will actively engage in the digital transformation process in Vietnam and implement substantive and effective cooperation projects with those Vietnamese businesses which have good reputation and competitiveness in terms of digital transformation in the country and the world.

At the meeting, McIntosh said Dell has received assistance from the Vietnamese Government, ministries, sectors, and localities over the past years.

The scale of its operations in the country has expanded steadily, particularly in manufacturing, and the company has established a network of domestic suppliers through production partners, he noted.

He affirmed that with its capacity in providing all-in-one technical solutions, both hardware and software, in the fields of information technology and digital transformation, Dell pledges to expand the supply chain and develop production activities in coordination with partners in Vietnam.

Dell also hopes to continue receiving support from local ministries and sectors to tackle difficulties and problems in a timely manner, the executive added.