Lao Cai pilots two-way freight transportation for cleared vehicles
Lao Cai pilots the two-way transport of goods on one vehicle cleared for shipping fresh agricultural products from November 1. (Photo: Quoc Hong)

According to Vuong Trinh Quoc, head of the Economic Zone Management Board of Lao Cai Province, the move will help make the most of the transport capacity of vehicles such that vehicles can carry goods on both the outbound and return routes, instead of just carrying one load and returning with empty boxes.

“We will pilot for a period of six months for fresh goods, and each vehicle can only carry one type of goods. This will help increase customs clearance of goods, lower costs, and reduce waste of social resources,” Quoc noted.

However, the number of imported and exported vehicles passing through the Lao Cai border gate remains quite sparse, currently averaging about 400 vehicles per day, just over half the rate from the peak level before the Covid-19 pandemic.

The total value of trade exchange through the Lao Cai border gate was estimated at 213 million USD in October, down over 5% compared to September 2023. Since the beginning of the year, the total trade value has reached nearly 1.8 million USD, only meeting about 35% of the year’s plan.