PM pledges continued support for young entrepreneurs

PM Pham Minh Chinh speaks at the ceremony marking 30 years of the young Vietnamese entrepreneurs’ movement in Hanoi on November 27. (Photo: VNA)

From a club of 15 initial members, the Vietnam Young Entrepreneurs Association (VYEA) now gathers nearly 19,000 members nationwide. Its member businesses earn more than 40 billion USD in annual revenue, contribute over 10% to national GDP, and create jobs for over 5 million people.

In particular, the VYEA’s participation in the ASEAN Young Entrepreneurs Council and the Young Entrepreneurs Group of Asia-Pacific is an important stride in the assertion of young Vietnamese entrepreneurs’ stature in the regional and global communities of businesspersons and companies.

In his remarks, PM Chinh attributed the country’s common achievements partly to substantial contributions by entrepreneurs, including young ones.

Entrepreneurs and businesses of Vietnam form one of the factors in successfully implementing industrialisation and modernisation and making breakthroughs in national socio-economic development, he stressed, highlighting their unceasing development in both quantity and quality and major contributions to national construction and safeguarding.

He applauded their sense of social responsibility as seen in their active participation in poverty reduction, community activities, and assistance for the public to respond to natural disasters and epidemics, especially the COVID-19.

The efforts and growth of Vietnamese young entrepreneurs have generated positive influence on the community of Vietnamese entrepreneurs as a whole, he opined.

The PM expressed his belief that despite intertwined opportunities, advantages, difficulties, and challenges in the time ahead, businesses and those run by young entrepreneurs will still manage to weather.

The Government will join hands in developing a strong Vietnamese business community that has high competitiveness, deeply engage in global value chains, and is resilient to external shocks, he stated, adding that it will focus on making three strategic breakthroughs in terms of institutions, infrastructure, and human resources.

PM Chinh called on businesses and young entrepreneurs to keep maximising their youth to take the lead in growth model reform, innovation, science and technology application, digital transformation, and green transition.

He asked them to improve their capacity, human resources quality, and leadership and governance capacity; develop the corporate culture; unceasingly make self-improvement and equip themselves with more knowledge, conditions and mettle to stretch their reach to the region and the world; and tighten connectivity with one another to promote the stature of Vietnamese businesses.

The Government leader also told the VYEA to enhance their role in assisting companies of young entrepreneurs to connect with one another, strongly apply technology, and boost innovation, and in helping perfect legal documents on businesses’ activities.

The Party and State always protect the rights and legitimate interests of young entrepreneurs and create conditions for them to contribute further to national construction and safeguarding, PM Chinh affirmed, voicing his belief that the Vietnamese business community will join efforts by the Party, State, and Government to surmount challenges, grasp new opportunities, and enhance the internal strength to help build a powerful and prosperous nation with happiness and wealth for all./.