35,000 more businesses using digital transformation platforms - Ảnh 1.

To promote digital transformation and develop the digital economy, the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) assessed and selected excellent digital platforms to participate in the program to support small and medium enterprises in digital transformation (SMEdx).

Accordingly, there were 45 Made-in-Viet-Nam digital platforms of 27 enterprises selected to participate in the program. By September 30, SMEdx had about 490,923 small and medium-sized businesses accessing and experiencing digital platforms of the program.

In the first 6 months of 2022 alone, more than 318,000 small and medium-sized enterprises participated in the SMEdx digital transformation program, an increase of 760 percent compared to 2021.

In particular, the number of small and medium-sized enterprises using the SMEdx digital transformation support platform has grown strongly over the months, since the beginning of this year.

In September 2022, the whole country had 62,047 enterprises officially using SMEdx platforms, an increase of more than 20 times compared to that of March 2022 with 3000 enterprises.

With the national digital platform development program, so far, MIC has received registrations from 24 businesses with 184 digital platforms, reaching 35/35 platforms under the national digital platform program. In which, 26/35 digital platforms were approved by the Ministry of Deployment Plan, while 9/35 digital platforms have not yet approved the implementation plan.

MIC said that in the fourth quarter of 2022, they would continue to develop national digital platforms for digital transformation, development of digital government, digital economy and digital society.

Along with that, MIC focuses on bringing activities of people and businesses to the digital environment under the Program to promote the development and use of national digital platforms./.