Connecting customs data to improve the efficiency of export processing enterprise management
Connecting customs data to improve the efficiency of export processing enterprise management

Several reforms foster service quality

Since the start of 2023, the ST system has been researching and developing mechanisms, policies, and business processes aimed at simplifying State budget revenue and expenditure procedures and facilitating transaction units.

The ST issued Decision 142/QD-KBNN on January 5, 2023, to review and simplify internal administrative procedures within the ST's management scope. On that basis, the ST has collaborated with the Ministry of Finance's Office to review and compile statistics on administrative procedures between state administrative agencies and administrative procedures between the ST and the Ministry of Finance (MoF) in order to serve the issuance of the Decision on announcing internal administrative procedures managed by the MoF.

The ST has completed utilities to assist users, particularly for online public services, to further improve customer service quality, such as completing a large-scale upgrade of the public service system by supplementing the data exchange portal via the Internet with electricity, water, and telecommunications service providers for automatic payment of electricity, water, and telecommunications expenditures under the budget user's authorization document.

Up to now, the ST has provided 100% of the procedures for implementing end-to-end online public services and integrating them into the national public service portal, with all of the units subject to mandatory participation in online public services. When compared to the number of State budget expenditure documents processed through TABMIS (excluding security and defense), the proportion of State budget expenditure transactions processed through online public services reached over 99%.

Great customer testimonials

With reform and customer-oriented efforts, each ST unit in the entire system has received high praise for service over the years, and the following year is always higher than the previous year. Nam Dinh ST is a typical example

According to Vu Huu Loi, Deputy Director of Nam Dinh ST, Nam Dinh ST ranked 49th in the survey of satisfaction of units, organizations, and individuals with the service of the ST in 2021, then ranked 30th in 2022. In the first phase of 2023 (the first six months of the year), Nam Dinh ST climbed to 16th out of 64 ST units nationwide, with a rate of 96.3%.

Mr Loi also explained that it has resulted from the fact that Nam Dinh ST has promoted comprehensive administrative reform in all fields over the years; has maintained and improved the efficiency of online public services at level 4; has continued to publicize, update, and promptly list administrative procedures in the field of the treasury; has strengthened guidance, explained, and provided full information on administrative procedures in the field of ST.

Notably, Nam Dinh ST has successfully organized 9 conferences to disseminate and discuss administrative procedures in the field of ST to 1,304 transaction units, with a total of 2,393 participants who are leaders, chief accountants, in charge of accounting of budgetary units of the central, provincial, and district budgets, investors, project management boards; leaders of People's Committees, and in charge of accounting of wards, communes, and to districts.

Furthermore, to improve the level of satisfaction of customers who have transaction relations with the Treasury, Nam Dinh ST has continuously improved the quality of officials and Government staff through state accounting and expenditure control professional contests in 2023. Nam Dinh ST held interviews with content related to the assigned responsibilities and tasks as prescribed for all key officials in the Nam Dinh ST system during the contests.

Following the results achieved in customer service, in the coming time, Nam Dinh ST will continue to closely follow the direction of the MoF, ST, and local authorities to promote administrative reform in the direction of customer-centric, taking individual and organizational satisfaction as a crucial measure in the ST’s provision of public services. ST officials are not allowed to have a bossy, harassing attitude, causing difficulties for units using the State budget.

Moreover, Nam Dinh ST has continued to promote the application of information technology and digital transformation in professional activities and internal management activities to improve productivity, operational efficiency, and quality of service provision of the ST, contributing to building and developing E-Government and Digital Government.

Evaluating customer satisfaction in the first 6 months of the year, Thai Binh ST has also received an extremely high satisfaction rate of 93.64%.

Mr. Nguyen Trung Kien - Deputy Director of Thai Binh ST stated that in addition to implementing reforms to create the best favorable conditions for units to conduct transactions, Thai Binh ST has regularly promoted propaganda work to each unit using budget. At the same time, the Thai Binh ST has thoroughly informed the heads of affiliated units and transaction officials to raise awareness of responsibility in propagating and guiding customers to participate in the survey so that the survey work becomes practical and achieves the proposed results.

Furthermore, the Thai Binh ST has increased propaganda for organizations and individuals doing transactions to be fully aware of their responsibilities and rights in participating in the survey. They have also promoted the supervisory role of the people being served, collaborating with State administrative agencies to continuously raise the standard of public administrative services.

The successful implementation of the ST Development Strategy for 2020, with an emphasis on online public services, has helped the administrative reform and modernization activities of the Ha Tinh ST to be comprehensively and synchronously promoted in all aspects of operations. Therefore, customer satisfaction with the unit's service increased at a rate of approximately 80% for 2 consecutive years (2021 - 2022).

According to Mr. Vo Van Ty - Director of Ha Tinh ST, in recent years, Ha Tinh ST has made great efforts to implement administrative reform, especially comprehensive reform in all aspects of operations. Along with that, Ha Tinh ST has continued to maintain and improve the effectiveness of implementing online public services level 4 of the treasury; and has implemented surveys and evaluated the level of satisfaction of individuals and organizations with the service of each affiliated treasury unit.

In addition, Ha Tinh ST has promptly announced, publicized, updated, and listed administrative procedures in the treasury field; and has strengthened guidance, explanation, and provision of information on administrative procedures for individuals and organizations transacting with the treasury.