VNX becomes official member of World Federation of Exchanges
VNX becomes official member of World Federation of Exchanges

The membership marks an important step forward in international integration and cooperation of the VNX, contributing to promoting and attracting foreign investment in the domestic stock market.

The Ho Chi Minh Stock Market (HOSE) and the Hanoi Stock Exchange (HNX) that are subsidiaries of the VNX will also benefit from the membership.

Last year on April 22, VNX became a member of the Asian and Oceanian Stock Exchanges Federation (AOSEF) – a non-profit organisation founded in 1990 with 17 regional stock exchanges as its members.

On September 15 the same year, VNX joined the ASEAN 3 Bond Market Forum which was established in May 2010 with experts and financial organisations from 10 ASEAN member states along with China, Japan and the Republic of Korea, affording it a chance to share information and experience in organising, operating and managing the bond market.

Later on September 30, VNX was admitted to the ASEAN Exchange which was established on the basis of multilateral cooperation among stock exchanges from six ASEAN countries, namely Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and Singapore./.