Agro-forestry-aquatic exports up 79% in January

Meanwhile, the country imported 3.72 billion USD worth of agro-forestry-aquatic products in the month, leading to a trade surplus of 1.4 billion USD, up more than 4.5 times from the corresponding time last year.

Specifically, forestry exports grew 72.5% to 1.49 billion USD, aquatic products up 60.8% to 730 million USD; and farming products up 93.8% to 2.71 billion USD.

The increase was seen in all markets with America up 93.6%, Africa 185.4%, Asia 86.3%, Europe 38.2%, and Oceania 100.9%.

China accounted for 23% of Vietnam’s total agro-forestry-aquatic export revenue, the US 20,8%, and Japan 7.4%. For imports, farm products rose 41.1% to 2.2 billion USD, aquatic products up 33.9% to 250 million USD, and forestry products up 100.7% to 253 million USD.

Regarding the domestic market, the ministry said it remained stable in the month, affirming that the supply of agricultural products will be ensured during the approaching Tet (Lunar New Year) festival./.